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Behind the Scenes


  • Nicki Fanning, Make Up

    Nicki Fanning, Make Up artist





Nicki Fanning, Make Up Artist

Make-up maestro, Nicki Fanning did Lucille's make-up. She tells us what she did and offers tips for more mature skin:

. The foundation I used was Mac Sculpt, which is a new gel based foundation. This means its extremely hydrating and flexible. It does not change colour or texture when it goes on the skin which can lead to that patchy uneven foundation. It gives a medium cover so is suitable for day or evening.

. For Lucille's eyes I wanted a soft yet defined look. She has really beautiful blue eyes, and is also someone who never ever wears make up. While I wanted to create a look to enhance her eyes, at the same time I wanted to keep it nice and natural so I choose chocolate browns. I used Mac 'ricepaper' as a base, 'Kid' - a midtone brown in the socket, and 'Brown Down' for the outer corner to create a more defined look. To make it stronger for the evening look I simply added a 'phone number' kohl pencil along the lashline and swept it up to the outer corner for bit more drama. When using the darker pencil always blend/smudge it right into the lashline so it is a soft shadow effect rather than a hard obvious line.



. On the cheeks I used a creme blusher by Mac called 'Ladyblush' which is the perfect peach colour for the cheek as in its not too pink or too orange, yet adds a nice vibrant colour to the skin.

. For the lips I used a modern soft sheer rose colour called 'Rue de Bois' by Mac, which provides a beautiful sheer glossy finish with a soft shimmer as opposed to a dense frosted lip colour which can be very aging.

Tips for more mature skin.







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